Thursday, April 5, 2007

On TV: Novel Reflections

When I got home last night, I plopped down in front of the TV, did a little channel surfing, and happened upon a terrific PBS program about the American novel, called Novel Reflections on the American Dream. It explores "the characters, plots, and themes of seven novels that deal with wealth, poverty, and the nature of success and failure in America."

I wasn't able to watch the entire program, but liked what I saw and was thrilled to see a serious, engaging study of American literature presented on TV. (Fortunately, I'll able to catch a rerun of the program on KQED.)

If you have the time, check out the website for this program. It's excellent. And it looks like "The American Dream" may be the first of a six part series. (Although I'm not sure about that since I couldn't find showtimes for the other five parts. Maybe they're waiting to see the response to the first one before producing more?)

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