Friday, April 6, 2007

Fiction vs. Non-Fiction, Part III

A new movie called The Hoax is in theaters today. It's about one of the most brazen cons ever played on the publishing world. In the 1970's Clifford Irving wrote a biography about the famous recluse Howard Hughes, claiming he had Hughes' full approval and cooperation. But Irving's claims were eventually exposed as bald-faced lies, resulting in a huge uproar and scandal.

Reviews seem to be generally favorable, and it looks very entertaining. Here's the movie trailer.


ekallquist said...

My friend saw the movie and gave it thumbs-up,even though she usually "hates" Richard Gere.

Lori said...

Maybe it's the fake nose ;-) Just kidding. I've also heard that Gere does a terrific job in this film. I'm looking forward to seeing it. And here's a bit of Hollywood trivia: Nina Van Pallandt who was Clifford Irving's mistress appeared in Richard Gere's breakout film, "American Gigolo".