Thursday, April 26, 2007

Article: "Reading Gets Wired"

An article in this week's issue of Time magazine evaluates the Sony Reader, an e-book that can hold about 80 books. After trying to read The Kite Runner on it, the author comes to the following conclusion:
If anything, the [Sony] Reader reminds us that 5 1/2 centuries after its 1.0 release, the book is a surprisingly robust piece of information technology. Sure, its memory is relatively tiny--one novel adds up to less than a megabyte. But it doesn't need charging, and it never crashes. Its interface is rapidly and intuitively navigable. The scroll never stood a chance. Link to full article.
BTW: In the article's introduction the author mentions a funny YouTube video called Middle Ages Tech Support. He doesn't provide a link, but you can watch it here:

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