Thursday, July 5, 2007

Reminder: Hammett Walking Tour

If you signed up for the Hammett Walking Tour this Saturday, July 7th, I have a few logistical items to share with you:
  • We'll be meeting at the San Leandro Bart Station near the ticket machines at 11 am.
  • Do NOT buy a BART ticket; it was included in your tour fee.
  • The tour will last about 3 hours.
  • Please remember to bring water and a snack since we won't be stopping to eat.
  • The weather is forecast to be around 70 degrees, ideal for a walking tour.
  • Unfortunately, I just heard that the All-Star Game is in town this weekend, so the streets may be very crowded. Please stick together and watch out for others in the group.
  • We' should reach the Powell St. BART station in SF by noon.
  • Before embarking on the tour, we'll make a pitstop at the San Francisco Shopping Center's restrooms.
  • We'll meet Don Herron, our tour guide (see picture), at the entrance to the Flood Building, 870 Market St. (near The Gap store) between 12:15-12:30.
  • Once the tour is over, we'll get you back to a BART station so you can catch a train back home.
It should be a fun day, and I look forward to sharing it with you! -Lori

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