Saturday, July 21, 2007

Still More Summer Reading Suggestions

Still looking for summer reads that won't rot your brain? Here are a few more articles with some helpful suggestions.
  • The fourth installment in's summer read series is called Thrills and chills. These mysteries and science fiction novels will transport you to a higher plane.
  • Slate has asked a number of its contributors to recommend some recent books of note. Pack them up for the beach or sit down next to the air conditioning, and enjoy.
  • For London's it's summertime and the reading is easy - unless, of course, this is the year you do Tolstoy.
BTW: My guilty page-turner this summer is Tina Brown's book Diana. (Yes, believe it or not, Princess Di is back on the bestseller lists.) What I love about the book is Tina Brown's sharp wit and crisp writing style. And while there aren't any new, earth-shaking revelations about Diana in it Brown is very deft at delineating England's social milieu and capturing Diana's troubled personality and incandescent charisma. My favorite witticism is a quip from a reporter who describes the group of tabloid reporters that first stalked the 19-year-old Lady Di as the "creme de la scum."

Have you read a good page-turner this summer that you'd like to share?

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