Saturday, July 21, 2007

NYTimes: CEO Libraries Reveal Keys to Success

It's one of my pet theories that great leaders are intensely curious people and one of the ways they feed their curiosity is by reading. There's an article the business section of New York Times today (7/21) titled CEO Libraries Reveal Keys to Success that seems to confirm my theory. The CEOs mentioned here pass over the trendy business bestsellers to read the classics, history, politics, contemporary fiction, poetry, philosophy, science, etc. Books on wide-ranging topics that expand the imagination, spark creativity, generate ideas and foster new insights.

Some people think business is about staying busy and making money, and that reading is mere escapism, a waste of time. It's heartening to find out that there are some highly successful business leaders who believe that reading is actually worthwhile, that it can enhance not only their business endeavors, but life itself.
CEO Libraries Reveal Keys to Success
Michael Moritz, the venture capitalist who built a personal $1.5 billion fortune discovering the likes of Google, YouTube, Yahoo and PayPal, and taking them public, may seem preternaturally in tune with new media. But it is the imprint of old media — books by the thousands sprawling through his Bay Area house — that occupies his mind. (Link to article.)

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