Friday, June 22, 2007

Still looking for some good summer books? is running a four part series on summer reads that promise to "engage your imagination just enough, but not so much that your brain's gears start to grind." Each part focuses on a different genre.

The first part is called Killer Thrillers and includes "a quest for a lost Shakespeare manuscript [which is the one I'm reading and enjoying right now], the case of a missing girl's mysterious return, a dying man's search for the truth about his ex-wife, an Australian detective whose time off turns grisly, and the mystery of a tattooed corpse."

The second part's titled Chic Lit and its novel suggestions range from "a saga of 17th century maidens to a 21st century mom flirting with disaster," and promises to "make you feel cheap and sexy in the best possible way."

The third article is Great Escapes, and its book recommendations "involve some kind of escape from average, everyday reality. Some document an actual journey...[while] other books provide a peek at a different way of life."

The fourth is yet to be published, but I'll post a link once it is.

Happy reading!

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