Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Definitive Book of the 20th Century

As sponsor of last week's Hay Book Festival in Wales, The Guardian newspaper did an online survey to find out which book best defined the 20th Century. Not surprisingly, 1984 claimed a decisive victory, getting 22% of all votes. The article goes on to list the other top ten titles. Most are what you'd expect, but two titles definitely belie a British bias: One I've never heard of; and the other is, to my mind, way out of its league (even though it's a charming book). See what you think:
"Paranoia, propaganda and a state of perpetual war are the defining characteristics of the last century, according to the results of a national survey announced at the Hay festival today." Link to full article.
BTW: If you like charming pictures of quaint villages, visit The Guardian's Hay Festival website and click on the Hay Vision link. The website also has links to festival news, articles and interviews.

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