Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Civil War Reactment

In our last meeting we discussed civil war reenactments held in California. Elizabeth mentioned that the San Lorenzo Middle School down in King City does a civil war reenactment annually and she just sent me the link. They have a nice web page that has movies and pictures of their reenactments from previous years. It looks like they really go all out with uniforms, equipments, battle plans, etc.

This seems like a fun way to help kids better understand and appreciate history. It can make a history lesson come alive, so kids realize that it's not just about dates, battles, and treaties, but that there's alot of human drama, alot of blood, sweat and tears involved; which is of course, what makes history so fascinating...and so memorable. Anyway, I thought you might like to visit the website in case you wanted to share the idea with your kids' or grandkids' school.

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