Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Patrons' Picks & Pans

The library has launched a new online newsletter called Patrons' Picks & Pans. It's a random selection of book comments from patrons who participated in this past summer's adult reading program. It's a kick seeing what your fellow patrons are reading and what they think about what they're reading, so check it out.

Patrons' Picks & Pans: http://www.booksite.com/texis/scripts/bookletter/showlist.html?sid=6131&list=CNL2

BTW: there are hundreds of comments to share, so we'll be publishing the newsletter once or twice a month. Sign up for email delivery so you don't miss a single issue! http://www.booksite.com/texis/scripts/bookletter/addnluser.html?sid=6131

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