Thursday, March 1, 2007

Book Review Websites

One of my favorite websites for finding book reviews (as well as film and music reviews) is As far as I can tell, the titles they list go back 5 years or so (around the time the site was launched) and can be found with a simple keyword search.

What I like best is that Metacritic lists the notable critics and publications that have reviewed the work and often has links to the actual reviews. It also assigns a "metascore," a weighted average of the critic's grades, so you can see at a glance the overall critical response. Additionally, there's a users' score that's roughly indicative of the work's overall popularity. I hope this helps you find some good reads. And please let me know if you have any favorites. -Lori

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Lori said...

BTW: Another good site for movie reviews is A good movie gets a fresh tomato, a bad movie gets a splattered, rotten tomato. And this site also has links to full-text reviews.